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Clarity at last for Trommel Fines

Following the budget, the Waste Management industry has clarity at last on the issue of landfill tax on fines, which should allow some proper forward planning.

Waste Transfer Station operators have until 1 April 2015 to prepare for the changes, when the loss on Ignition test will determine whether fines are charged at low rate or high rate tax, with 10% loss on ignition being the cut-off point.

Firstgrade will be carrying out some Loss on Ignition tests soon to get a feel for what materials will pass this test so that you build a cost effective plan.  (Click here to see HMRC’s latest guidance)

In the meantime we have been working on our patented Refiner process, for the purpose of reprocessing Trommel fines. We have added a long part separator to the design to eliminate those 3 foot long pieces of plastic which come through Trommel screens.

Take a look at this video of the refiner in action

The results are very impressive in my opinion!

0-40mm fines are cleaned up enitrely without manual picking.

For a bigger range, say 0-80mm, one man is required to pick out the large pieces of wood, waste and non-ferrous metal.

In both cases, a large cost reduction to you.

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